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Sunset Tastings @ Il Palazzone Winery

Availble mid May to mid September

Montalcino's views are breathtaking and our sunsets just magical. Pairing that with Brunello is truly divine

When the heat of the day slowly subsides and the light turns golden I welcome guests for a tour of vineyard and cellar.

A comparative tasting of two Brunello vintages ensues on the terrace while the sun calmly vanishes behind the hills in the distance leaving the sky aflame.

We will talk about the history of Montalcino and Brunello, discuss vineyard and cellar technique while contemplating different tasting approaches regarding wine in general and Brunello in detail.

Sunset Tastings auf Il Palazzone
Advance booking necessary

Group size: min. 2, max. 8 people
Fee depending on wines chosen
from 40 € per person

Reach me at: info@vino-vistas.com
or phone/WhatsApp +39 342 793 63 44

Sensory Tastings

Smell is the one sense that goes straight to the brain and we all know the power of an olfactory flashback, yet it is often the most ignored of the senses.

Red fruit, blackberries, leather, forest floor, cat pee, violets, licorice, caramel, green apple; the list of more or less obscure aromas that may be hiding in a glass of wine seems endless and intimidating.

Why not embark on a mission to educate your nose?

The good news is, we can learn and establish connections, it’s just a question of practice. It is never too late to start your sensory memory bank. The aim of our Sensory Tasting is to do exactly that; to extend and explore your capacity to perceive different scents and name them so that they can be retrieved when required.

We will be exploring a range of scents, and put them in context regarding grapes, wine and wine making techniques before venturing to taste and describe wines in an exciting new way.

Sensorische Verkostung
Duration 2 hours

Group size: min. 4, max. 10 people

Fee 35 € per person, including 4 wines

Reach me at: info@vino-vistas.com
or phone/WhatsApp +39 342 793 63 44

Rent a Sommelier

Exclusive wine tastings and classes in the comfort
of your Tuscan holiday home

How to taste all those wonderful Tuscan wines in a relaxed way? There are too many of them, plus the winding country roads make for long drives. Wouldn‘t it be nice to not drive – or worry about the childrens’ boredom threshold?

Now imagine someone coming to your place, bringing a selection of interesting wines and good humouredly leads a private tasting for you and your family and/or friends. A perfect way to spend an afternoon or end a day in Tuscany while learning something new about wine.

And no designated drivers! Together, let's plan an unforgettable wine experience for you.

This exclusive service is offered in Montalcino and within a 30 km radius.


Rent a Sommelier

Duration 2 hours

Fee depending on group size
& wine selection

Reach me at: info@vino-vistas.com
or phone/WhatsApp +39 342 793 63 44


sunset tastings in montalcino


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